Foundation for Defense of Democraices: The Keeper of International Security

The disastrous terrorist attack that struck USA in 2001 shook the country to the core and the Foundation for Defense of Democraices was immediately established. In order to further prevent such attacks on USA as well as any other democracy around the world, the influential people of the USA assembled together and formed this non-profit organization. People from the spheres of politics, journalism etc., who were well versed with policy making and implementation, joined forces to counter the increased risks of terrorism.

Champion of rights

All human beings around the world must have some basic rights for themselves irrespective of race or nationality. Terrorist often promote the violation of such rights and hence the FDD aimed at giving these rights back to the people who have been violated. Rights of different people such as minorities or even women cannot be curtailed under any circumstances. People should be free to follow any religion is the idea of the FDD.

Prevent power politics

It has been seen through the lenses of journalists that governments of different countries have often resorted to use of violence as well as terrorism based activities to continue rules of tyranny. The Foundation for Defense of Democraices, have over the years formulated plans to topple such governments and free the people from oppression.

Strategy of Foundation for Defense of Democraices

In order to implement big plans for eliminating organized terrorism or guerilla warfare, strategies are required to be made first. The members of the organization take caution and time to make such strategies to counter the terrorism. Once the strategies are made, they readily venture out to seek justice.

The Foundation for Defense of Democraices in the recent times has grown to be the face of counter terrorism globally. The organization hence has lots of followers are sponsors.