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International Education
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Graduate Architecture program
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Master of Architecture (MArch)

Master of Engineering in Architecture

at the NCUT College of Architecture and Art 




2-year graduate architecture program at NCUT is intended for individuals with design, architecture, or engineering background who wish to pursue  careers in architecture. We offer two directions of studies depending on students individual needs. Those, mostly interested in design are encouraged to choose the Master of Architecture (MArch) leading to a professional degree, whereas students who want to expand their research skills in the field of architectural engineering are recommended to choose a Master of Engineering  in Architecture.

Regardless of students’ decision, both of the Majors share the same professional courses and provide a personalized guidance in order to help students develop final projects and write the dissertations in their individual fields of interest.



Program objectives

The objective of the program is to equip students with advanced architectural  knowledge and design skills critical to the 21st century architects and researchers. We prepare students for their future careers by improving their analytical skills, boosting innovative thinking and creativity. So that in the future they will be able to develop responsible solutions to the architectural problems of the modern city.



Program plan

The first year of the program consists of series of academic lectures that provide a substantial theoretical knowledge about contemporary issues of architecture and urban design, andn recent technological advances. It is followed by intensive studio-based design courses, which progressively master skills of design.
The second year is dedicated to the development of a student’s individual graduation project. Master student is assigned a supervisor, who provides research advice and guidance for preparing a project and thesis writing. In the third semester students are required to propose a thesis. Then, step by step (dissertation, presentation and examination) students prepare for a public defense, which leads to earning a Master’s Degree.


Courses characteristics

Our courses explore architecture in the areas of design, theory, cultural and social aspect, urban planning, research, materials, and technology. We emphasize the role of learning in studio design, where students transfer knowledge from theory to practice. Students boost individual thinking and problem solving abilities while leading their own projects, and expand communication skills and teamwork when working on a group project.

We provide complementary courses for students who are missing background in architecture and design. There is a wide range of undergraduate courses to choose from such as: photography, urban planning, architecture and urban design, landscape architecture etc.
In addition to professional courses, all taught in English, we offer Chinese language classes and lectures on various topics related to China. Our students not only explore theory and practice in architecture, but obtain a comprehensive understanding of contemporary China.



Learning environment

We want to create a thriving and supportive learning culture in an engaging environment where students feel connected to teachers, staff and other students. Students will have an opportunity not only to learn, but be part of a positive community where they can collaboratively feel valued and have a constant opportunity to grow. We organize many design related activities, during which international students cooperate with Chinese colleagues resulting in improved cross-cultural communication skills. We also provide students with opportunities to use the advanced laboratory equipment including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), 3D scanners, 3D printers, and laser engraving machine to boost creativity and technical skills.


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