Steps taken for wordpress migration services

For the average user, WordPress has pretty much become the CMS (content management system) of choice. But what happens when there are some websites which have been created with outdated CMS or maybe no CMS? Does that mean that you have to start over? Again, put in all that energy, money and time into a new website? No!

This is where WordPress migration services come in. Migrating to WordPress which is inclusive of the design is actually quite easy.

We have listed out some of the steps that should be followed for a WordPress migration –

Website Evaluation – You need to work through your existing website; go through each page, identify the kind of content you have used like the photo galleries, resource pages, standardpages and so on. You need to see which areas require attention.

wordpress migration services

Set up the environment – You have to set up the WordPress and be then start the importing.

Content Importing – You need to bring in and organize the content. This can be done through an importing tool or through manual entry. If the old website has used a CMS then probably an importing tool would be there too. If there is no CMS, it is not in the list, or if there are only a few pages then the manual way can be used. You could also use a custom importing process.

Design Migration – Your existing design needs to be incorporated into the custom WordPress theme. If you are thinking of a new design, then there are several lovely WordPress themes. You have them in the official repository as well as with third parties.

Revision of website and Go live – You need to revise the import very carefully, make any required adjustments, set URL redirects if any and the last step – go live.

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