The world and the people keep changing

The new heights we reach everyday

The world is changing; everything that we see around us has gone a monumental change over the course of the years that humanity has been in existence. The way that we lead our lives is drastically different from how we used to when we started off. We all know that humans started off from caves and hunting animals to survive; we have now reached a stage where the caves have been replaced by manmade marvels of engineering that often challenge the elements of nature.

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Human beings have been given the gift of intelligence and we have used to a huge extent to improve our lifestyle and to come up with new innovations to revolutionize the way we lead our lives. Brand new inventions and innovations are now coming out every other day and there is always something new in store that you have never heard of. Technology has touched new heights and humanity is now not just limited to the planet but are even daring to explore the universe that lies beyond and are trying to make a mark in space. We now have tiny devices that are able to speak to us as I it were a thinking human being with a brain, not to mention its abilities to calculate and come up with answers to any questions it is asked in the matter of seconds. It is important that we stay up with the times and be relevant, lest we become obsolete and forgotten.

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