What is Kratom?

Kratom plant

Kratom is the tree which is locally well known in Thailand and it is known as Mitragyna speciosa. It is well known in terms of medicines since the ancient times. In the earlier times it was used to stave off the fatigue and also to combat the pain. It was also used for treating diarrhea and cough and also to treat the sexual issues. It helps in alleviating the opiate withdrawal and that also amongst others. In the 20th century is became a bit controversial and the legal status is yet in debate.


Ancient times

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The leaves of the Kratom are ingested green. They are usually placed in the mouth and also chewed but it is important to remove the central rib before consuming it. The weight of the leaf is almost 2 grams and it is usually god to chew almost 5 to 30 leaves daily. The ones who use the leaves are likely to have a good stamina and also have mood elevation. Moreover, it has also helped people in the management of the aches and pains. There are number of compounds and it helps the body in different ways.